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We hope to be an engine for those interested in challenging dominant modes of perception, be it in the realm of letters or in visual mediums, or some cross-over between the two. We’re interested in artists, writers, thinkers, madmen, skeptics, and skydivers who are creating their own languages, carving out their own systematic approaches to the world that have nothing to do with anything else going on today. We want to be a forum for the voiceless, those who, by dint of artificial barriers such as language or purity of vision, don’t fit in with any current trends or cultural definitions. We’re into challenging preconceived notions of good and evil. We’re young, angry, horny, and persistent. We’re fighting a war against the mediocrity that surrounds us. We’re here to fuck shit up.

We publish books and magazine. We are based in Berlin, Germany with distribution outlets worldwide. With our books we specialize in unclassifiable literary works by iconoclastic authors.

BLATT Magazine is an occasional review of literature, art, and ideas. Three issues of the magazine have been published since 2006. The issues have all sold out and are now considered to be collector’s items.

Currently, we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or project proposals. Each of our projects is solicited by invitation only.

BLATT is run by Travis Jeppesen (editorial) and Mario Dzurila (design). You can contact us here.