Travis Jeppesen
Dicklung & Others
226 pages
ISBN 978-0-9821945-2-2

Jeppesen has a gift for balancing accessibility with lyricism, and the laconic speech of teenagers with philosophical density.

— Punk Planet Magazine

...[B]oldly strange, funny...

— The Advocate

Travis Jeppesen – Dicklung & Others

Dicklung & Others is Travis Jeppesen’s second collection of poetry.

Travis Jeppesen is the author of two novels, Victims and Wolf at the Door, and a book of poetry, Poems I Wrote While Watching TV. A collection of his art criticism, Disorientations, was published in 2008 by Social Disease. In June 2009, his play Daddy premiered in Berlin at the Hebbel Theater under the direction of Ron Athey. Jeppesen currently resides in Berlin.


Hey old man, give me some love.
Squeal like a pig into the pig void,
a satisfying shadow appears over there.
Clear-minded distillation of facts and fluids,
yellow eyebrows harking backwards oh
the speed of an owl. Until we find ourselves
doting over obscure banalities, how many
gallstones make a wolf howl?
I forgot.

Then again,
the story’s deeper than it seems. For
hamburgers and joyrides, the frosty majesty
bleeds or collides yet to instill within
powderlike manifestations: garlic-infused
pig juice on Saturdays.

Whomever the corpus runs
over, tell him you saw me with Larry
fleeing. I never wanted
to forget you, but I gave in
to substance however meek
the endowment tasted. Caffeine
helps when no one else unloads;
sprayed on to the droplets, the cloud
dislodges its promising harness:

Institutionalized glee.