Heidi James
134 pages
ISBN 9780982194515

An affecting meditation on identity and escapism.

— Dazed and Confused

Heidi James’ prose, at its best, sings.

— Will Self

I can’t recommend the work of Heidi James highly enough. .. macabre and deliciously black

— Laura Hird

Original and intriguing.

— Guardian unlimited

Heidi James – Carbon

James’ debut novel is a dystopian meditation on identity, fiction, Cartesian duality, and stolen jewels. A hallucination of decline and disintegration, this darkly comic novel unpicks the seams of manic realism.

Heidi James’ novella The Mesmerist’s Daughter (published by Apis Books) was launched in July 2007. Her novel Carbon (published by Blatt) will be out in Summer 09 and is published in Spanish by El Tercer Nombre. She has collaborated with artists including Delaine LeBas, Marisa Carnesky and Tara Darby. Her essays and short stories have appeared in various publications and anthologies including Dazed and Confused, Next Level, Flux, Brand, Another Magazine, The Independent, Undercurrent, 3:AM London, New York, Paris, Dreams That Money Can Buy, Full Moon Empty Sports Bag, Pulp,net etc. She is a doctoral research student.

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