C. Bard cole
This Is Where My Life Went Wrong
276 pages
ISBN 9780982194515

It is rare to come across a genuinely original voice in fiction, but Bard Cole is just that.

— Sebastian Beaumont, Gay Times (UK)

A master of confused longings, clear-eyed chronicler of ambiguous desire, purveyor of desperate acts of love. He charts the course of badly lived lives with great economy and wit.

— Paul Russell, author of The Coming Storm and Boys of Life

— Dennis Cooper, author of Frisk and Period

C. Bard Cole – This Is Where My Life Went Wrong

In his first novel, C. Bard Cole weaves a delirious web of invented fragments of American literature with the language of nursery rhymes, school books, encyclopedias, advertisement, pop music lyrics and TV listings.

A frantic field guide to a mental landscape shaped by literary allusion and littered with pop culture detritus, This is Where My Life Went Wrong is autobiography as anti-novel, placing the universal story of an artist’s coming-of-age in the context of American history, politics, and culture at the beginning of a new century.

C. Bard Cole witnessed the two great urban disasters of twenty-first century America in New York City and New Orleans and is currently waiting for the third in Memphis, Tennessee. His short fiction has appeared in Men on Men, Flesh & The Word, and other book anthologies, as well as in the short story collection, Briefly Told Lives. He is a former assistant editor of Alabama Heritage magazine, where most notably he contributed an article about a fascinating rock.

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